Monday, February 20, 2012

By the way, LID 2/2 ;)

Our LID was 2/2, officially.

so we are on the LOA wait now.

Blessings, Lynette

on turning one, on love and pain, oh, and January update pictures.

She will be turning one in about a week. 

I am sad we are not with her for this special milestone. But I will be bringing some cakes to fellowship at church this Sunday to commemorate her birthday. And that is a happy, good thing.

I am also sad to read elsewhere that others in the special needs programs had traveled well within 9 to 10 months from time of application to get their children. That means we should have been there and back already, if you go by their experiences.

For us it has been just about 11 months NOW since application, and in adoption lingo we are 3 weeks since DTC, 2.5 weeks since LID, and waiting on LOA now.

We still have (...recalculating...mmm...) 4 to 8 months in front of us before travel, with a more probable guestimate at July or August for TA.

That hurts.

I have NJ to blame for that, holding up two things along the way for many months.....but I have to remain anchored in Jesus, knowing that God is in control.

{In these images below Phoebe would have been about 10 months old.}

It is cold where she lives now, and there is most likely no heat, so they dress the children in LOTS of layers of clothing (hence her rolling to the side in the pink bunny pic, because she cannot sit up)

In the "standing" pic her foster grandma is helping her to stay up, she is clearly not doing it on her own, at least not at that moment.

In respect to the privacy of the foster grandparents I left their images off of the blog, but they seem like very wonderful, happy, caring people; and I am eternally thankful to them.

Lastly, here is an earlier image from when she was younger (it was our first update after referral). I love that I can see how much she has grown because they sat her by the bunny again. I am thankful that they chose to do this.

Blessings, Lynette