Friday, May 20, 2011

On the subject of nests

I love nesting. And more so, I just find the idea of nests in general such a romantic

Preparing the home for the baby is an overriding theme these days, much of my time is spent day dreaming. (poor Kev, I think a lot of his time is spent worrying about same...hee hee.)

These days we are both taking part in idea generating, hard work, reorganizing, and bulk trash pickup.

Yes, this past week's bulk trash pick up was delightful as I watched two large, old items from Kev's bachelor days be picked up and taken away. They were taking up room in the basement, an old rickety counter top piece that was jimmy-rigged to the wall, and a second old-old-heavy-night table that was not in good shape at all...

....I like old and fixable, shabby-chic, but this was not in that category.

Old, dilapidated items are leaving, newer items are coming in.

I keep thinning out the clothing by sending items to those in need, or tossing them if they are beyond use.

And I have my thoughts turning to a yard sale that I have been thinking about for a while.

Got me to thinking about NESTS.

The following things popped up in my internet search, caught my eye, and I wanted to share.

Are You My Mother has always been a favorite.

Best Nest looks adorable, I will surely be looking for it at the book store to add it to Bun's HUGE library. With a mom who has taught preschool for twenty years, and a grandma who has taught much longer than that, this little one is off to a great literacy start!

On your mark, get set, NEST!!

Blessings, Lynette
(ps that is not me singing in the bunny video, someone I found at youtube, but she sings beautifully. I could not resist her bunny antics)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet me at my crib, yo!

A free crib has fallen into our hot little hands.

Joking aside, this is a terrific thing becuase a crib of it's ilk would go for at least 400 dollars if not *more*, so consider that 400 dollars into the adoption fund.

Plus, we have a mattress given to us by a family from school, also. Hoping the mattress fits this crib, and we will be in business.

Our wee one will not be in it for a while, but that is ok. That gives us time to fix it up.

It needs some good old fashioned T.L.C. for some scratches, but it is beautiful.

A beautiful crib. For a beautiful child. Becoming a part of our family in a very beautiful way.

Thank you, Jesus, for guiding us through this process, and showing us the way to our little one; Your perfect way, Lord.

Bless these orphans who are a world away, in foreign cribs, who await a forever family. 

Bless the families who wait, here at home....preparing cribs. 

Blessings, Lynette

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My 16 page questionnaire is done, maps for the social worker, etc.

Kev has started his questionnaire. And has additional things to fill out, including financials.

I have one more work paper to feel out for work verification, but one is down, and Kev needs to do his.

I have to figure out if the copy of my birth certificate that I have on hand is certified or not; and Kev's too.... but things are coming along nicely.

Dr. appointments for initial physicals (ie, more forms to be filled out) are coming up in two and half weeks; this one is for Holt, pre-home-study.

Not look looking forward to the blood test!!

Repeat after me: It's for the baby. It's for the baby., It's for the baby. It's for the baby....

Later we do more physicals at the Dr. for the actual Dossier for China....and more blood tests!  It's for the baby, It's for the baby....

Kev has filled out his "out of state" background check paper work for when he was in the Air Force years ago.

We are signed up for Modules 1&2 for the PIP (Parents in Process) classes. (Later we will do 3&4, and then after the referral of our child we will do #5.)

I plan to go online to set up our finger print appointments this week. Hoping they are still in Ocean, that is a nice easy drive. But those Morpho places seem to move around?!

All of that is specifically for the adoption...yes, I do work and have a house to keep also!

It helps to check in with others to see where they are on their adoption journeys. Blogs are great therapy for those of us in the process, as well as being a delightful source of information for others who pop by. I am thankful for blogs!


ps I found the picture of the adorable vampire bear at the following website, where he and a gaggle of other just-as-cute critters are available for purchase. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Of 16 page questionnaires

Paper work.

Paper work.

Then more paper work.

16 page questionnaire.

Yup, 16 pages, EACH.

My 16 and his 16....soul searching questions.

oh, and employment approval letters.

Making "Morphotrak" fingerprint appointments,

signing this, filling out that...

and this is all pre-home-study.

Lots of work, but even more to be thankful for.

It is all worth it to bring our child home.

Blessings, Lynette

Friday, May 6, 2011

My awesome family. Go "TEAM GOLDEN"

Thank you Goldens!

and "Goldens-By-Association"...hee hee.

Thank you my mom and my sister Larissa for having TWO Arbonne parties in Oregon, 
and big thanks for doing the associated paper work.

Thank you my brother Ryan for getting the great coffee beans
from The Satellite Cafe in West Philly.

Thank you my sister in law Carryn in Philly, and her sister Tricia for Arbonne purchases 

(and Tricia's re-purchase because she loved the product so much...whoo hoo).

Our little family addition, your grandchild, niece or nephew, is one step closer to coming home thanks to all of you. We can't wait for Sebastian to have a cousin!!

Blessings, Lynette

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ni hao. China News!


We took the leap of faith and have applied to the China Child of Promise program through Holt International on Easter Sunday.

I will remain anxious until I hear more from them, it is in my nature LOL!!

And we currently owe Holt a medical letter and some more info...but it is in HIS hands, and we are on our way.

Sent back my CARI, tax info, notarized IASA, and more paper work today. No too long from now I believe we will have a home study date set.

Ethiopia is always a constant option if things do not go as planned for the China program.

This was a hard decision to make because I had so fallen in love with the babes in Ethiopia. 

However, what many people might not know is that Kevin and I had felt clearly and strongly led to China "way back when". 

Also, I always knew I would adopt, though was not sure how or when, or what circumstances would bring me to this step in my life. While I have always been an advocate for foster care in the US (and even went through training some years back) when I was in my teens and twenties my mom and I used to playfully and dreamily  talk about when I would get to bring my Asian baby home ...interesting how things happen in life, and the seed that Jesus plants in our hearts and minds.

Well over a year ago, an earlier agency told us that we would not be able to adopt from China due to some guidelines. We were both devastated because it seems so clear that it was Gods plan for our budding family to be routed in China, and yet it seemed out of reach.

We were not knowledgeable enough at that point to know that another agency may say just the opposite.

So, given more information with Holt, and then giving that much time to sit with prayer, we decided to revisit China, as God just keeps bringing us back there.

Let us see where this road leads us. Come along for the journey, follow us here at barefootandadopting!

If you do not know about the Child of Promise Program, for "mild, correctable special needs" you can find out more here, at Holt. It is a program which is close to my heart.

This Mommy-to-be is thrilled to be officially in the process now, and on the way to my little boy or girl.

Kevin and I are nervous and excited, just as any parents-to-be would feel. And away we go!!

Blessings, Lynette