• On-Going:Completed: Arbonne Internet Party:
  • April: Completed: King of Kings School Art Happening
  • On Going: Direct donation gifts made by individuals are always welcome, and graciously accepted. (please, contact me at
  • Upcoming: Our Yard sale (consider having a yard sale at your home, and passing-on donation gifts to help bring home our Bundle of Joy).
  • Completed: yard sale at
  • On Going: Lynette's famous Peanut Butter Jumbo cookies- private sales to friends and family. Simply let me know. Suggested donation is 40 dollars per dozen. (They are big...and famous...just sayin') 
  • Coming Up:  Puzzle pieces fundraiser. You buy a piece of the puzzle, and it is put together piece by piece with each donation. When finished we will frame it and give it to our child as a keepsake.
  • Do you have an idea or a resource, such as a business or a talent, that can be used to create a fundraiser to help us? Please reach out and let us know.

  Thank you!
Here is the adoption-dedicated email addy: