Saturday, July 7, 2012

We are in GUangzhou!

Firstly, sorry in advance for odd autospellchecks. ;) It is so wonderful to finally be in GZ. Phoebe had her medical check today, it went very well. She was very well behaved, and only cried a little when her heart was checked with the steth. All of the families here are so nice. It was exciting to meet some friends from my Internet adoption groups. That has been a highlight. It is great to have Starbucks right here IN the China Hotel. It is a nice place. Later when home I will do a positive vs negative list of things, but overall it has been a very warm, friendly, good experience. little princess girl is a charmer for sure. She likes to smile a cheeky grin to get a reaction. She eats a lot, but we knew to expect that...if we try to tell her it is time to stop eating she throws a mini-fit. But usually gets over it fast. She seemed to originally be regressing a bit almost as if she was testing our trust, and seeking attention, though she has come leaps and bounds. She is and has been very bright. She figures things out, and is able to communicate her needs, as well as being very curious. in only about A week she has learned to say the word UP. Hmmm,m...guess she is motivated for that one. LOL. She goes to nap and sleep for us like a pro. What a nice gift for this mama! The only issue is her schedule has been turned upside down with required appointments and our very late, delayed flight when she ended up going to bed at 2am!!!! The poor thing. Then had to be awakened at 7am e next morning. Phew! Tomorrow we ink we are going one tour to the pearl district (?). There is a dinner to attend. And the next day and island to explore, then her consulate appointment the day after, and a night mini cruise on the river with pizza. Busy busy busy. Heading to bed now. Cheers, Lynette Praising the Lordfor our safe travels all over China, and our amazing little girl. My heart is so full.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An update while in changsha

Hello. We are having a grand time. Changsha is so nice, the people are sweet, and the hotel is nice. Kevin is walking her in a stroller in the lobby as I type. She is slow to warm up to him, but does smile at him if he plays with her from a far or sings to her. She does enjoy his singing, how nice"! She lays on me and looks for me ALOT. She has allowed my mom into her little world today, and mom won her over with some corn on the cob. I will try to make another post with photos, not sure if it will be a success or not. Will share when I can, wifi is sketchy, and time is short, we are kept busy, and have been warn out but very content. Our guide, Vicky, is the best. The other family we are with, the kitchen family, are wonderful. Xo blessings, lynette