Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you have an adoption YouTube or Blog? comment here!

Have you sensed someone creeping around your Adoption related YouTube or Blog? Probably little ol' me. (or any of the rest of us caught up in this adoption-internet phenomenon, for that matter)

We live vicariously through each other.... we support each other.... and we just can't seem to stop searching this incredible internet, whilst caught up in an emotional frenzy.

I'm so happy that the Christian presence is so strong, too. Amen!

Do you have an adoption related blog or YouTube? comment to this post, so I can sneak a peek, and our other commenting, following, subscribing, or otherwise "silently creeping around" internet friends can check you out, too.

Blessings, Lynette

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I will serve You while I'm waiting!

Blessings, Lynette

Little Bundle

Don't good things always come in small packages? Little bundles of love!

My mom sends care packages from Portland, Oregon (and I send them back to her from the Jersey shore). We put all kinds of delightful finds in there: magazines, home baked cookies, hand made English crackers, etc... These are fine bundles which delight the senses.

I got to thinking how excited I will be when K and I e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y receive our very special bundle here at Chez Fitz. Our little bundle baby. (insert squealing with delight sound here)

It is a long way off, as we are still in the agency-research mode, and we are not yet "home steady ready" which is adoption speak for cleared for take off.

Plus, K and I are deep in prayer asking for the Lord's leading.

K is perfectly fine waiting...I am SO NOT.

It's the hurry up and wait game! Some people really know how to keep busy while they wait. (or is that "get busy"?)

Until we get there, I have decided to affectionately call the little one "Bundle" or for short "Bun".

I am sure that this will morph into so many additional names, such as Bunny, because we are just like that here in this house. We have a laundry list of pet names for each other, and the critters that reside with us.


It brings to mind brown paper packages tied up with string. And those are, well, you know what those are!!

Blessings, Lynette

Monday, January 24, 2011

Labeling feeds nesting obsession

Thank you to Tricia and Ruth on facebook, and everyone who told me about their labelers.  (spell check does not accept labelers, is that not a word? well, now it is!)

We ended up with the p-touch pt2030 by brother which makes up to the 18mm sized labels. I like that it looks like a little typewriter.

Both the dymos and brothers sounded really nice, and when we got to the store, this hot little number was on sale, so IT WON!

When you are saving up for a 30,000 dollar adoption, you tend to really consider things like sales...big time.

Now, this awesome little labeler exists to feed my nesting frenzy.

I am labeling all the totes in the basement and attic, and it is so easy, and so cool. :)

I love that I can make different borders, and font sizes.

This one uses the laminated tape, so the print does not rub off.

Keep bringing on the baby nesting...I have label maker in hand, and I am so totally ready.

Blessings, Lynette

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Psalm 61:1-2

Hear my cry, O God, attend to my prayer.

From the end of the Earth I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed,
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.


Blessings, Lynette

Friday, January 21, 2011

Adoption Tax Credit & Adoptive Families Magazine

Still learning about the tax credit, myself.

But here is a great article on the Adoption tax Credit, put out there by our friends at Adoptive Families Magazine. I love that magazine. I receive it in my home as the printed magazine, and I belong to the Adoptive Families Circle online which sends me emailed newsletters. If you are considering adopting you should get it too!

Here is the article link.

Here is an important excerpt:
"The current adoption tax relief is set to expire in December 2011. Unless there is further legislation, in 2012 the credit will revert to its pre-2001 state.
The good news is that a number of bills before Congress contain provisions that would render the adoption tax credit virtually permanent. Your next step: Once your child is tucked in for the night, head to and find out whether your Congressperson is co-sponsoring any of these bills (search “adoption tax”). If not, consider writing to him or her describing your adoption experience and the significance of the adoption tax credit..."

Blessings, Lynette

Why Adopt? What is the plan?

This adoption is about many things, these are just a few core reasons why we are adopting:

  • Filling our hearts with the joy of raising a child
  • Hearing that pitter patter of little feet in our home
  • Sharing our life and family with another, helping him or her to grow
  • Following our Lord's leading as He tells us in James 1:27 "...look after orphans and widows in their distress..."
  • Doing our part to answer a call to action put forth by the Lord, and stirring in our hearts.  

The "how" part is still an exciting mystery.
Plagued with fears, as my patience is tested LOL, but still very exciting.
Bineg that we have just started, and are yet to begin the agency process (still researching) it will be a long road ahead. 
  • We are considering both Ethiopian and Domestic (USA) private adoption currently. 
  • We are planning to adopt an infant or young toddler.
  • We are open to both genders, and various ethnicities.

Both plans have pros and cons, but the child at the end of the journey is the ultimate treasure.
Both private plans are extremely expensive, give or take they can cost $30,000.00 (yes, you read that correctly)
I am praying for the Lord leading as to a sibling group (note the "I" as Kev is very concerned about the words "sibling", and "family-budget" working well together-- hee hee)
I digress...
Each country has guidelines set forth, and Kevin and I fit into a narrow window. Since we prayed fervently for the Lord to close doors, and open others, I believe this process has shown His hand in all of this.
We've been to a meeting with DYFS, to consider foster-to-adopt. Foster care exists to return a child to his or her biological parents, therefore adoption is not their focus for hopeful adoptive parents. Reunification is their main focus for the child. So, we feel (at this time at least) that foster-to-adopt is a huge emotional risk for us. (I would never say never though, and I have dear, sweet friends who have fostered and adopted, who have shared and supported me thus far with support and information.) 

Blessings, Lynette

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The M Word

Kev and I certainly take dealing with our circumstances differently, some of that is gender and some of it is personality.

I write, and through writing I share and heal {share much more than he would, clearly...}

Since this is a foundational post for this blog, so you know who I am and what got me here, it is on the long side.

I plan to keep most later posts shorter. ;)

So, here I am sharing what has lead us up to the news {or shall I say the confirmation of} the M word.

Perhaps this will serve as validation for so many other ladies out there going though what I have as well.

Since I was a very young child I always knew that I wanted to be a "mommy". While I always presumed that I would have one or more biological children, I also felt very strongly that I would also have adopted children.

The magic number, I thought, in my little-child, pink tutu wearing, dolly carrying mind, was 4 children.

The years went by and I {---eventually---} met my dear husband. I was not a career woman making a lot of money, nor was a traveling the world, I simply had not met the guy who I would marry until now.

We talked briefly about adoption being in our future, since for me it was a given that we would do so at one point. And we planned to "try" to "get" pregnant right away when we got married.

Being that we marred later in life we figured on starting right away.

I knew that at 38 my biological clock had probably already rung it's last alarm, but deep inside I so yearned for that baby to be growing inside me.

The feelings of checking the proverbial stick each month {and two, and three, just to be sure the first was not actually correct}went from initial excitement, to then confusion, to sadness and depression, to eventually numbness.

Without going into too much detail that would embarrass Kev, there were many clear symptoms and signs of  concern that I brought up with my then OBGYN.  She kept telling me I was "fine" and to "have a glass of wine". I specifically asked her if I could be going though menopause, to which she replied emphatically that I was too young.

Fast forward about a year later, continued obvious symptoms, and another OBGYN to whom I finally put my foot down demanding answers. {If you know me, you know that is alot for me to be so bold.}

She was great, and I am so glad I ended up in her office that day. She suggested that I might have PCOS and sent me to a specialist.

PCOS would have been daunting enough.

The specialist, who I have had a very good experience with, is a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I also asked him if I could be going through menopause. He initially said no, and I am convinced that is because he truly believed I had PCOS, so many signs pointed to that. But at the same meeting when I said "hot flashes" he stopped, literally stopped, writing and talking, and looked at me in such a way that my heart dropped and I knew....what he would tell me weeks later....

Even though I "knew", without showing his hand, he ordered a battery of tests {poking.. prodding.. embarrassing.. painful..} and delivered the news.

The M word.


With a touch of polyps and endometriosis, a-hem.

(by the way, ladies, my HSG test was very painful due to two blocked tubes.)

To be specific "Premature Menopause" which lots of well meaning dear one's keep confusing and referring to it as "Pre-Menopause" saying that every one my age goes through these things BEFORE menopause.

Let's be clear, I am going through actual menopause, but the word "premature" means that I am experiencing it earlier than I normally should.

I have the gamut of symptoms and it is not fun.

Our RE explained that hormone tests show that my eggs are extremely low in quality to the point that I would probably not get pregnant and if I did, the pregnancy probably would not last full term.

I do believe in miracles, and I also believe that the Lord gives us medical professionals to help us, and to tell us about our bodies, so a biological pregnancy is in His hands now-- but He got me to the hands of the professional who told me a natural-biological pregnancy, medically speaking, is not going to happen.

Our RE also offered IVF with another woman's egg as an option. My husband is against this for his own reasons, and I respect him and his thoughts and feelings. We also considered egg donation as a form of adoption, and after exploring this, we decided that this is probably not the route we wish to take. We also would not do this if it involved any type of selective reduction.

You know, when couples go through this one must respect that they have given much time and thought to how they will proceed. My biggest hope is that I take this journey with the Lord by my side, guiding my decision, and so I support my husband in his prayers also.

Sadness and despair do not come close to the emotional and the darkness I felt for so many months. Prayer, tears, time, and loving support helped me to climb out of that pit and deal with who I am, my new idea of my body, and realize that I owed it to myself, my young marriage, and my future adopted children, to look up and carry on.

It was quite an experience to go through my first surgery, lap/hyst this past summer. I'm so thankful for my mom and husband for getting me though that. As well as family and friends who sent cards, called, and basically loved on me, and on Kev too.

Through all of this, I've had to overcome fears, sorrow, and shyness as I learned about myself, leaned on the shoulders of strong woman who too had been through like journey's, and realized even more just what a rock Jesus is in my life.

My personalty is happy, easy going, creative, funny, and all of that shines through my chosen hobbies, ministries, and my career choice. These things and the people in my life keep me going, and I am glad to say that I have turned a corner in this whole thing.

Yes, I have mourned the loss of my fertility. Yes, I can still fall apart and cry any given day. Yes, the Premature Menopause is an annoyance, to say the least, and I am still learning about the M word.

I'm not sure that there can be any permanent closure for this process...but...

My parting gifts are that I have gained great insights into my strength, my faith, and the kindness of others.
I say YAY to that! Amen!

Fast forward to when we decided to make the adoption "plan" official!!!!

And now we pray for the Lord's leading as to how to begin that plan, and set it into motion.

...more on that in later blog posts.

 Blessings, Lynette

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Support our friends through prayer, and pass this along :)

These are friends, Kristen and Brian, who are currently looking to adopt. This is their profile for prospective birth-parents to read, and respond to... Please support them in prayer, and pass along.

They are a great family, and I adore their two little boys, who will make great brothers to a new-addition.

Blessings, Lynette

Dream a little dream of me

Little one, I will dream many little dreams of you until we meet.

Blessings, Lynette