Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you RE/MAX, Ed and Mike, in Red Bank, NJ.

Here is a stills video I created for Ed Bowen and Mike Minervini over at RE/MAX in thanks for them allowing us to come and take over their building for a morning, with lots of sweet little models giggling, exploring, and playing underfoot. The period building is just so amazingly beautiful. 

RE/MAX Realtors, here is an amazing location for your office!
169 Maple Avenue in Red Bank, NJ

Please also think of Mike Minervini, known around here as "Super Mike", for your real estate needs. He was awesome to take the time on a Saturday to be at the Monmouth County, NJ, building for us; and he is a dear, good friend from my church. I back him wholeheartedly!
Thank you again for allowing us to do the Bonnet Love photo shoot at your location.

Blessings, Lynette

We have a Bonnet Love winner!

Pop over to Larissa's blog, to see her announcement that Rose of Sand in My Yarn is the winner of the Bonnet Love giveaway.

Congratulations, Rose!:

The Bonnet Love e-book is for sale here:

Look how sweetly Katie wears her bonnet at the Bonnet Love photo shoot which took place at the Re/Max building in Red Bank. 

Blessings, Lynette

Thank you King of Kings Church and School

Our school director, Ms. Dee, announced to the staff at King of Kings School that the Church and the School Board will be supporting mine and Kevin's adoption with proceeds from the Art Happening: Art sale & Bake Sale being directed to our Adoption Fund. Thank you SO much, King of Kings!!

If you are new to this blog, I will simply get you caught up: The overall cost for the process of the adoption is about 30,000 dollars (give or take). Here is an average listing of program fees *minus* incidentals and travel fees: 

King of Kings School's gifted donation will help so much. The proceeds from the event will be added to our family's Orphanage Donation Fund, which is a required portion of the overall fees which we must pay to our agency.

The donation made to the orphanage (or "care center") helps to cover housing, clothing, food, medical and other fees related to the care of the children.

Ms. Dee also noted that some parents had approached her to see if the school could support us as well. This warms my heart. Though I do not know which mom these were, I am so very thankful and touched beyond words.

There is something so special and sweet about children in a preschool in New Jersey giving of their school's art show to help children in need who live about 7,000 miles away, on the other side of this world. Beautiful.

Helping a teacher who adores them so much to grow her family through adoption helps to make this more real to them also. One of the children in class made me a picture that she colored of a Unicorn, she said that she made it "to help you to be a good mommy, Mrs. Fitzpatrick."

I treasure that unicorn and it is going into the scrapbook that is part of our little one's journey home. I can't wait to add memories from the Art Show and Bake Sale to my child's life story as well.

Please, take a moment to view this video which is a little glimpse into the lives of the children so many miles away. Please pray for the children in orphanages and foster care in all nations, for their physical and spiritual needs to not only be met but also to be surpassed. There is much pain and sorrow, but God is so good.


Blessings, Lynette

We are adopting through Holt International, and our little one will be coming home from either China's Child of Promise program, or from Ethiopia.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

After posting a comment over here I got to thinking about how Kev and I need to work on the house for this spring.

Every spring we try to make our sweet home look even more darling.

But after this cold, snowy, wet, bitter winter we had the yard is looking terribly worn out.

(flashback to last summer and the water restrictions, that was not pretty either)

In general I leave the grass to Kev; but together we tried to do a mulch border-design thing that I came up with, and we added the pathway lights that I affectionately call "the runway".

I am mostly in charge of flowers.

Right now I am looking forward to a nice spring decoration on the front door, cleaning up the front walk, adding some spring flowers in pots in order to spruce it up for it's big picture day.

You heard me right, the house has a picture day appointment with mama. We need to attach a picture file to our Holt application.

I wonder if I can get the dog to sit still in front of the house? (doubtful...though she would up the "cute" factor).

I know too that our dear neighbors would love to see the right hand side of the driveway fixed up. That was on the list last year and did not get done, so add that to this year and move it up to the top of the list.

We really do think our neighbors are awesome, on one side the cabana boy a nice young guy, and on the other side a terrific family who had grown through adoption.

The mom of that house is dog whisperer to our Chapeau who we also call Posie...when a situation with Posie reaches critical stage, all we need to do is call upon Debbie who leaps into action...

Deb is stealthy too, sometimes she knows we need her before we even know we do; she suddenly "shows up" and gets our doggie girl in shape. I am convinced that she is wearing an invisible super hero cape every time!! 

While I have a huge crush soft spot in my heart for Cesar Milan, he's got nothing on my neighbor when it comes to our excitable and sweet Posie.

Happy Spring everyone!!

Blessings, Lynette

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holt International

>>Hear Ye, Hear Ye<<
Kevin and I are happy to announce that we have chosen
Holt International as our agency.

We received a great reference from friends on the warm, wonderful experience they had with Holt, and since then I have been in touch with some very nice people who work there, as well as attending their informative and free webinars.

As current preparation, we have a couple appointments and paper work before us, and then in less than a month (give or take?) we will be applying officially...will let you know how all of that goes in a month or two!

Pray for us please, and thanks for all of the support. 

From their website:
"Holt's Vision: Holt International Children's Services is dedicated to carrying out God's plan for every child to have a permanent, loving family."


Blessings, Lynette

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Announcing the Bonnet Love E-book and a special GIVEAWAY

Bonnet Love is an e-book for knitters, featuring five baby and child bonnet patterns for girls and boys. Choose one to knit, or design-it-yourself with a template provided to lead you through creating your own unique pattern. Either way, Bonnet Love will spark your creativity and inspire adorable, impressive gifts. The book includes an "anatomy of a bonnet" template, five written patterns for worsted weight yarn, 20 gorgeous color photos, and a bonus tutorial for a sewn cotton bonnet perfect for vintage fabrics or new favorites. It's delivered as a 24-page pdf document.  

My photographs have been showcased here and here in anticipation of the Bonnet Love E-Book which is going on sale at the end of this week! 

It has been my pleasure to be part of this wonderful project, as the photographer. 

The little models were so much fun to work with, and my very talented sister, Larissa Brown, is the author and creator of this knitting tutorial e-book, with a bonus sewing pattern, too.

Check out an interview with Larissa Brown here, and be sure to check back at the Petite Purls website again later in the week to try for a Bonnet Love Giveaway!
Thank you Cascade Yarns  and Petite Purls for contributing to this wonderful giveaway. 

The "Renaissance Moms" interview talks about our coming together as sisters on this project, and I personally have loved this experience! 

Here is a delightful excerpt which brings to my mind and heart many wonderful family memories growing up in the Golden household: 

"Our whole family was into making things all the time. I can’t remember not doing crafts. My mother is a teacher and was always, always encouraging our creativity. I remember lots of collecting of leaves and acorns to make collages, a lot of layering black crayon on a color background to carve out with pins, melting stuff, using solar print paper. There was a lot of Elmer’s glue in our lives. My dad was a photographer, who also went through a brief rug hooking phase. I was very big into the looms with the stretchy loops. We even had a rock tumbler."  (quoted from Larissa Brown, interviewed at Petite Purls)

Blessings, Lynette

Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Hands but Ours

a wonderful source of support, encouragement and a resource to adoptive hopefuls; and adoptive families. Check it out!

Blessings, Lynette

Saturday, March 19, 2011

up late

I have been up late, caught up watching the adoption videos on youtube.

Heading off to bed now, but it really is hard once you get searching around youtube, to get out of there.

So many beautiful "forever family" day videos.

Blessings, Lynette

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Preschool Teacher, and the many other hats I wear!

I am a preschool teacher and I adore my job, and the little children I care for. I've been doing this job for over 18 years now, in various capacities, and I can do it practically with my eyes shut (though that is not advised...LOL)

I also have a couple of other jobs including my portrait and event photography which will be slowing down now as I dedicate the time and money that photography demanded instead to my adoption plan.

And my third job is custodian of my church: Calvary Baptisit Church in oceanport NJ.
It is wonderful to be able to prepare the church for activities, and worship!

{My etsy shop is on ice for a while, though it is a great, creative resource and I hope to return to it later}

Needless to say, I pour myself into all of my jobs and it is hard work. I do get tired. Nap, anyone?

Kev's paychecks are dedicated to our living expenses, and when  he has over time he sends money into the adoption fund.

Pretty much almost ALL of my paychecks are being redirected to the adoption fund. 

Truly, I am working to bring my baby home! 

And once he or she is home, I will do the "stay at home mom" thing while Bundle is very little, keeping only the church job.

{I can bring him or her over to church with me depending on the work I need to do, or if Kev is home, the church is practically across the street, so I will be right nearby and baby will be with daddy.}

Preschool is my world and has always been, so I am sure that will remain ever present in one way or another..I can't wait to see what the Lord does in this area!

I derive joy from all I do at every job I have, they are each physical and emotional hard work, but each give me a sense of helping others, creativity, and satisfaction in a job well done.

For a look into my world, here is a little video about our rainbow that my four and five year olds made in class. It brings me such happiness to look at the work of their hands. The director Miss Dee, my assistant Janet, and I all looked at it and smiled knowing it was very child-made. The children are tickled to see it covering a huge part of our giant classroom bulletin board.

pop over to youtube to view it:

 Blessings, Lynette

Monday, March 14, 2011

You are invited to an Arbonne INTERNET Party **Adoption Fundraiser**

It is our Bundle of Joy's first ever party, 
A huge 30% of your order total will go into our Adoption Fund!!

How great is that?

Here is how it works:
  1. Peruse the lovely Arbonne products by clicking on the words "shop online"
  2. Order your items right there online. So convenient!
  3. **Very important** message me w/ your name, to let me know that you ordered by commenting on this post OR by emailing me here: subject line "Arbonne".
    I will then send your name to Bridget so she can send along the 30%.
  4.  Sit back and wait for your wonderful products to arrive. 

Thank you to the very generous and awesome Bridget Gould, Arbonne Consultant EXTRAORDINAIRE, and my personal friend, for this completely wonderful gift of doing an Arbonne Fundraiser!!!!

Arbonne products are safe, lovely, and so good for your skin.
Come see the all natural make up, skin care, baby products (including little one's sunscreen), anti aging sunscreen, and more! 

Blessings, Lynette

Note: There are clickable words throughout this post  ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayer request: Ethiopia and Japan.....

I'm sad about the news that Ethiopia may very well be cutting back on adoptions. Please pray for the country, the orphans, and the adoption program; for all families currently waiting, and those who have been anxiously planning to apply to an Ethiopia adoption program.

Kevin and I have been considering both China Child of Promise/ waiting child programs and Ethiopia. The recent news is very upsetting.

To update all of you, we have some medical appointment to do before our official application. These are immediately before us, and once the appointments are completed, if all is well, then we will be applying.

It has already been a very long road and we have not even started the ACTUAL paper chase. sigh...

{completely adoption unrelated, but upon my heart, is the plight of those in Japan. praying fervently.}

Love in Christ,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spreading some Sunshine {Bread}

Great big thank you to Sara for the Sunshine bread. Delicious!

So, I came home from my photo shoot Saturday to find a colorful package waiting for me.
It was from Sara. How nice!!

what a surprise to spy the words "red bank" on one of the
paper punches used to make the confetti... I had just arrived back home from Red Bank! Can you see it?

While my friendly husband was cooking ("hi there").....

and our helpful dog co-piloted his kitchen escapades....

I got to work opening my package, and partaking of the treasures inside!!

coffee..."sunshine bread" with cranberries...and cocoa almonds.
YUM to the yummiest!

Later that night I also got to enjoy some cake with some friends
who were coming by for a dinner.
We decided, why not get a cake too, since a few of us were celebrating March birthdays.

The birdies that my sister in law had previously given me
found this cake to be a fitting perch.  

I have to say, it was a good day.

Blessings, Lynette

Sharing the Bonnet Love!!!!

It was a splendid photo shoot at the Remax building in Red Bank!

I will keep thanking Mike Minervini every way and time I can because he is #1 a dear friend, #2 an AWESOME real estate agent, and #3provided the means to us having a most glorious space to do our Bonnet Love photo-shooting.

The little models were quite the cuties, and their moms and dads were a lot of fun, too!!

Here is just a very quick sneak peek at two of the models, and the architectural details at the ReMax space.

More to come of other little models later, and the delightful bonnets which were lovingly hand-knit and hand-sewn by talented artists across the country. Thank you ALL!

This is a project which I am joining with my sister, Larissa brown, in creating. I am happy to have been able to provide lovely photographs. Truly it is a work of "heart". ;)

...promise to keep you in the loop as the Bonnet Love project unfolds!

Blessings, Lynette

Thursday, March 3, 2011

40? Really?

Can't even believe it, but I am 40 today.

 My darling assistant at school baked a cake with sprinkles, had me blow out candles, and the kids sang to me. Of course, their favorite part was eating that yummy chocolate cake!

I happily collected smiles, hugs, and giggles from each of my little 4 and 5 year old sweeties at school. They keep me feeling young, which I need these days. LOL.

This certainly is a milestone birthday, and I am taking it in stride.

Thank you to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes, the cards in the mail, and lots of facebook greetings!

{mom, GG, sent a "preliminary" text until we can chat later today, it really made me SMILE.}

Tonight, Kev and I are spending this birthday by having some QT time together watching a movie at home with take out. These days, that sounds like a GREAT date to me.

Will this be my last birthday without a little one in the house? Will there be one more without the baby? I am taking stock of each holiday and special day as they come along this year wondering if it will be mine and Kev's last one as a "family of two", before the baby arrives. ...bittersweet.

Thanks everyone for the wishes. Blessings, Lynette

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

while we wait- reminiscing on Valentine baking.

Valentine box of goodies sent to my mom, "GG", and my nephew, "Sebastian".

A few cool red racers sent to Sebastian.

Yummy chocolate dipped, almond topped, homemade macaroons for mom
(a mix of some of her favorite flavors).

ok, so it is already March 2nd,
"Dr. Seuss Day" to the preschool teachers out there,
but I have just gotten around to uploading these scrumptious Valentine pictures.

Enjoy the view.

(no-no kitty!)

Blessings, Lynette

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have it all covered from top to "bottoms" while traveling!

This looks like it could be a good resource for adoption travel.

I have never used the service, but found it here. 
("informed adoption advocates", which also had lots of other good information!)
Not having used "babies travel lite" I can not vouch for it.

If anyone has used the service, feel free to comment below and let us know how it worked out for you.

Blessings, Lynette