Sunday, September 4, 2011

R U New 2 the Blog?

Been here before? This is same old, same old, so feel free to skip it.

New around here?

Here is the 411:

cutting to the chase...we are Kev and Lynette.

Lynette is unable to have children on her own, though she has always wanted to be a mom, and has always dreamed of adopting a child.

After MUCH soul searching, research, prayer...etc...We have been led by Jesus Christ to follow the path of adopting an orphan who otherwise would grow older in an orphanage-system in a world far away. We clearly have been led to adopt a child in China in the special needs program.

If you have questions about how we got to this point, "why China", etc, I lovingly invite you to read our blog archives which has so many great stories and facts and figures. :)

In the meantime, (like so many others adopting both internationally and domestically) we are working hard daily to fund our adoption since the total adoption-process-fees will be over-30,000-dollars.

Make no mistake we are not rich... nope....not even close.

Kevin and Lynette (that's us) are both working very hard, many hours, to bring our little love home from China!!

This is the general information that we understand to be true according to the program we are in at Holt International, Child of Promise program: Our child will have a "manageable or correctable special need". He or she will be a toddler. He or she will come home to us sometime in 2012, probably summer time (give or take)

Please pray for our adoption, our baby, and his or her birth-family. Thank you.

Thanks for stopping by, ya'll come back. 

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