Sunday, December 11, 2011

The day we chose your name...

Here is our daughter who is waiting in china. We were referred her, or "matched", in October. We are still, working on paper work as we were matched prior to our Dossier completion.

This it the story of the day that we chose her name.

It was 10/22/11.

The sun was shining.

It was a cool, crisp autumn day.

Some leaves had started turning color, and falling, others green and boldly hanging on.

A beautiful day.

Mom (that's me) and dad had gone out for a late breakfast and brought along the updated pictures of you from our friends at Holt.

Your pictures made us smile, made us feel, made us full of pride and joy.

Mom and dad decided that a name Mommy has adored for a long time, and daddy has liked also, would be your first name. Mommy asked daddy to choose your middle name, another favorite was chosen.

And so, you {our dear, sweet, light of our lives} 
became our Phoebe Colette.

Images of the day we chose your name dance in my head, imprinted on my heart.

Home from breakfast mom and dad hung out in the yard together. The yard of our cozy little ranch on the Jersey shore.

We delighted in you, our Phoebe, while we spent time together in happiness.

Images of Posie cavorting in the yard while daddy's guitar played on, the cat, Phantom, hanging out in the house, mommy doing what she loves to do, photographing the moments, and pictures of leaves, light, and love filled the scene of our lives and our hearts.

Blessings, Lynette


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL!!! This post melted my heart. SO sweet!!! She is one loved little girl!! :)

  2. Beautiful post - can't wait to me her !


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