Monday, April 4, 2011

Get your Wilton on! Bake sale at KOK!

Friends of King of Kings School
The bake sale newsletters and sign up lists will be hanging up this coming week, and the plan is underway for a very successful (we hope) Art Show and Bake Sale with proceeds going to 
"Bring Home Baby Fitzpatrick"

Get your Wilton on!!
We hope you will join us in baking, and then join us on April 15th at the Art Happening walk-through from 4pm-to-6pm to buy some petite~picasos and mini~monets, as well as some delectable goodies.
Here are the BAKING details:
1) no nuts.
2) prepackage food in clear cellophane, clear bags, saran, etc. (clear best; if solid then label well.)
Individual items wrapped separately if large; OR double/triple in sets if smaller.
3) label batch of items, please.
4)  if you want to get creative: feel free to decorate with individual labels, stickers, ribbon, recipe tag, etc. Have fun!

School staff, parents, and friends of King-of-Kings church and school: Feel free to comment me here if you would like to sign up for the bake sale via blog, or "FB" me. 
What would you like to bring?

Blessings, Lynette

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  1. Thanks FB friend, Barbara B., who is also a sub teacher for Kings. Barbara is bringing mini-lemon-pound cakes! YUM! I know that Mrs. Laus is doing a special cake w/ mascarpone frosting, and I will do a vanilla bundt cake with glaze. Another teacher is making candies and special cookies. Off to a great and delicious start!!


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