Friday, June 24, 2011

checking in

Hello all,

A quick hello to you as I am on an old computer which is running slowly. My lap top died the other day and I am in limbo right now. :(

Please note that my aol email is not working on this old computer so I am not getting your emails if sent there. Though I can get onto facebook, gmail, my blog each briefly.

I hope to check in with all of your blogs (those who follow me) in a couple weeks, as I will have some time off of work then-- yay! And hopefully a new lap top by then (?)

The update here is that lab corp did not do one of the blood tests we need for the paper work, and did another one we did not need, too (hello? lab corp? wake up!!) I am so anxiety ridden over blood tests, I did not need this! Plus, they goofed it up on BOTH mine and Kev's tests, so we both need a do-over.

In other news, we completed modules 1 & 2 of our PIP (Parents In Process) classes for Holt International.  In NJ you go to Trenton, so it was just over an hours drive. It was nice. We met an adult adoptee, and discussed age appropriate behavioral type of information.

Also, I have been spending time getting to know the password protected area of Holt's website, so that I can begin Dossier preparation. :-D whoo-hoo!!

First up will be passport purchasing for both of us. I have never had a passport before.

We have 98% of our pre-home-study requirements done, just waiting for the fingerprint info to be sent to Holt, one of our personal references to be handed in (4 down, 1 to go) and the doctor (who is waiting on the blood tests from lab corp, and we all know now that Lap Corp has just increased the wait time on that, BIG SIGH).

So everything pre-home-study within our own control is DONE. That feels soooo good.

There was a lot of paper work. So, the morning sickness is not so bad, but the paper cuts are piling up. ;)

Very thankful to all of our personal references. Jen&Herm, Ginni (& Paul), Jan&Dave, Debbie (& Dick), Rose (& Doron); and Dr. Wortzel, too. 

(in parenthesis are relations to our references who may not be named on the forms, but we appreciate their support, and assistance in this just the same!!)

Blessings, Lynette

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