Wednesday, June 1, 2011

H.S. fingerprinting, amidst weather warnings.

Here at coastal NJ we get tornado warnings from time to time, but it pretty much (thankfully) never amounts to much of anything but a strong rain session, and some wind. That is very much a blessing.

Still, the word tronado strikes fear, and those of us born and bred in NJ do not know much about safeguarding oursleves should this warning turn real, let alone the devastation of the aftermath.

It gives me great pause to talk about this on the blog today, as I sit and ponder how hard it has been for those in the south most recently. So, a reminder my friends to stop and pray for them as they try to pick up the pieces after the recent rash of tornadoes, and other terribly, scary, dangerous weather they have been having, there.

Soon, here, the skies are expected to open up, and a torrent of down pour shall surely be upon us. And the 90-ish degree weather is exasperating to say the least (blech, I am wilting!)

Of course, in the middle of all of this I had to drive over for my home study fingerprinting at morpho-trak. Kev was going to reschedule his appointment, since he was waiting for a delivery.

I drove the whole way praying "please God let the rain hold out just until I get inside...please God don't let the tornado watch end up with a real tornado"... then when I was done, of course "praise God, thank you. thank you, now I need to get home  safely."...hee hee.

The nice man at the fingerprinting place ( he really is nice, and has fingerprinted me twice now, the first time was 5 years ago for the school) is a southerner, I said "you know we have a tornado watch" he said "don't say that to a southerner, we look for the nearest basement!"

Well, I got home to cover Kevin while waiting for our delivery, and now he is on his way to get his fingerprinting done.

So what am I doing now?

You got it, I am praying... "please God get Kevin there before the rain comes down, please God keep Kevin safe from a tornado..."


As I sign off, here is the delivery man, Jose, as well as a lots of winds and swaying trees in my yard, with a rumble here and there.

oh, and here comes Kevin, home safe!

(please God, get Jose home safe and sound, too)


Blessings, Lynette

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