Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home study: meeting Cindy :)

Wow, the last post was full of loving comments.

It was very nice meeting our wonderful social worker, who will go by first name only here on the blog: Cindy.

In fact, her children previously went to the the preschool where I work! God works in interesting ways!

She is a very nice, personable lady, and we have really enjoyed meeting her. She has gone out of her way to help us, and make us feel comfortable.

I was not nervous before she came, and was suddenly nervous when she walked in the first time.

My Kevin did very well. I think he too may have been a little nervous though, because after the fact he keeps saying "I hope she liked us." and "I hope we pass so we can have our child home".

He recently helped create the nursery (we have *started* decorating it ) and he keeps talking about the baby's room with a twinkle in his eye.

Gd bless him, though he may be nervous he is also very excited and wants this very much. I love that guy.

Thankfully, the second visit was a breeze for me. And that is when she toured the house which I cleaned and decorated. That was nice.

Anyone want to stop by to see my scrubbed floor boards? LOL...yes I went on my whirlwind cleaning spree...

Cindy said I am "neat and tidy" and she liked the layout of the house, the size of the yard, and the size of the baby's room, as well as the county we live in and our neighborhood.

Again thank you for the loving support and prayers everyone, Kevin and I have a lot of people who love us out there, and we feel the same about you!!!! xoxox!!!!

Blessings, Lynette


  1. Sounds like it went wonderful ! Great news !
    You'll be chasing after your bundle before you know it. . . .

  2. God does have a special way of connecting all the right people at just the right time! Wonderful to hear your visits went so well! I'm sure Cindy was a special person whom you will have alot of support from - I think it's a requirement of Holt personnell! We love our social worker from Holt too! She has been so helpful :)

    Have fun working on the nursery together - its a special fun time! Enjoy!


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