Sunday, October 2, 2011

Learn from my mistake, do not fax your LOI. ;)

To all my hormonal, worried, anxiety ridden adoption-mama-to-be blog friends out there...this post is for you.

If you receive your referral from Holt, and have to send your LOI on a Saturday when no one is in the office.

DO NOT fax it them (actually any time, do not fax it!)

LOI's are supposed to be EMAILED ONLY.

I personally made a mistake (not Holt--- just me by myself)

and caused my self hours of worry, and loss of sleep.

My husband and friend Julie were right, they said calm down and trust in the Lord. My poor mother had to listen to me on the phone all day and night.... (note that since it was a Saturday no one was at Holt to check their phones or email...but I was required to send an extremely important document on Saturday)

Instead I trusted in worry.

Bad choice on my end!

The good news now is that Beth at Holt confirmed that they have my pdf that I emailed last night, at oh, about midnight. (about 15 hours after the fax I sent in the morning)

Fiery darts tried to steal away my JOY.

Not going to happen!!!!!

I am excited BEYOND measure about my little bundle of JOY.

Just remember, do not fax the LOI. (big sigh)

I love my girls at Holt.

Beth gets an impressively BIG gold star for taking care of me these past days.

Blessings, Lynette

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  1. Holt. Is. Awesome. Love them! :-) And whew! So glad it all worked out in the end.


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