Saturday, October 1, 2011

REFERRAL !!! & LOI !!! IT'S A GIRL !!!!

We have a referral!

Apparently a list came out on Thursday night, or thereabouts.

We got our call later on Friday!



We faxed our LOI this morning EARLY and just found out moments ago that they never got the fax ("oh fiddlesticks", she says as she hopes that the anxiety does not destroy her)

Being that we do not have a fax in the house, this is super big time anxiety settling in at 11pm and how >>for the love of Mike<< am I going to sleep??!!

Anyway, we will not allow that to destroy this happy moment:


LOI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOO HOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as friend Julie, in celebration mode,  says on facebook:

CAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE CAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, as I bid you goodnight, I hope to hear my phone ring. As I lay in bed worrying, praying for a call to confirm that the fax has been found...or at the very least that they know we do INTEND to accept this referral.

If not, then off I'll go to hunt down a fax early Sunday morning, with my bags under my eyes because of lack of sleep.

The bumpy road continues...but this time, I am smiling ear to ear anyway! ;)

Take THAT, silly old fax!! We have a daughter, and you can't take that joy away!!

Blessings, Lynette


  1. Really? They did not want a fax but infact a pdf. All is good in the word of LOI's for this family. They have a pdf of our LOI now. Beth confirmed it via email this morning. **My fault** Not theirs. I LOVE Holt.

  2. Wonderful! You have a referral!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YEA!!! WOW!!! SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!!! I saw this post this morning (while at work) and Google wouldn't let me post a comment!! Those IT guys at work have such annoying habits!! So I made sure that I came home tonight and HAD to post a comment!!! I am super so happy for you!!!!!! I can't wait to follow along your journey!!

    BIg Hugs my friend!!


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