Saturday, June 9, 2012

2 weeks, 4 days, and counting!!

what do I do first? Can you say whirlwind?

I'm happy my mom will be here soon to help me clothes shop for the trip, pick up the local-flavor gifts for the orphanage, take care of odds and ends, assist with packing which includes not only clothes but a small pharmacy and important paper work.

I cant believe I have to fit in fix-it jobs around the house, and medical appts all before travel.

No time left!!!!

Oh, add the hair cut in there.

Mundane things are now all like big boulders in the stream. I know I will get past them, but it will take some flexibility and maneuvering!

My social and work calendars are FULL. There will be nothing more added between now and travel. (actually, I believe our social worker is coming by too, note to self, check-in and add to the calendar)

We are coming Phoebe! Praying for you and your caregivers, honey!

In one month plus a few days Phoebe will see this darling doggie face, I wonder what she will think?

Blessings, Lynette


  1. That is quite a list Lynnette. Remember to pace yourself. If you get a chance will you post your packing list and a pic of the outfits you are taking for Pheobe???

    What are you doing with your pup while in China???

    Sending you strength in the coming weeks.


  2. Holy cow! It's during the whole travel process that 2 weeks seems like nothing, right? Breathe, girl...breathe! :)


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