Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My 16 page questionnaire is done, maps for the social worker, etc.

Kev has started his questionnaire. And has additional things to fill out, including financials.

I have one more work paper to feel out for work verification, but one is down, and Kev needs to do his.

I have to figure out if the copy of my birth certificate that I have on hand is certified or not; and Kev's too.... but things are coming along nicely.

Dr. appointments for initial physicals (ie, more forms to be filled out) are coming up in two and half weeks; this one is for Holt, pre-home-study.

Not look looking forward to the blood test!!

Repeat after me: It's for the baby. It's for the baby., It's for the baby. It's for the baby....

Later we do more physicals at the Dr. for the actual Dossier for China....and more blood tests!  It's for the baby, It's for the baby....

Kev has filled out his "out of state" background check paper work for when he was in the Air Force years ago.

We are signed up for Modules 1&2 for the PIP (Parents in Process) classes. (Later we will do 3&4, and then after the referral of our child we will do #5.)

I plan to go online to set up our finger print appointments this week. Hoping they are still in Ocean, that is a nice easy drive. But those Morpho places seem to move around?!

All of that is specifically for the adoption...yes, I do work and have a house to keep also!

It helps to check in with others to see where they are on their adoption journeys. Blogs are great therapy for those of us in the process, as well as being a delightful source of information for others who pop by. I am thankful for blogs!


ps I found the picture of the adorable vampire bear at the following website, where he and a gaggle of other just-as-cute critters are available for purchase. 

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  1. I just have to say that that little vampire caught my eye. How cute!! haha I enjoy reading your blog!


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