Friday, May 20, 2011

On the subject of nests

I love nesting. And more so, I just find the idea of nests in general such a romantic

Preparing the home for the baby is an overriding theme these days, much of my time is spent day dreaming. (poor Kev, I think a lot of his time is spent worrying about same...hee hee.)

These days we are both taking part in idea generating, hard work, reorganizing, and bulk trash pickup.

Yes, this past week's bulk trash pick up was delightful as I watched two large, old items from Kev's bachelor days be picked up and taken away. They were taking up room in the basement, an old rickety counter top piece that was jimmy-rigged to the wall, and a second old-old-heavy-night table that was not in good shape at all...

....I like old and fixable, shabby-chic, but this was not in that category.

Old, dilapidated items are leaving, newer items are coming in.

I keep thinning out the clothing by sending items to those in need, or tossing them if they are beyond use.

And I have my thoughts turning to a yard sale that I have been thinking about for a while.

Got me to thinking about NESTS.

The following things popped up in my internet search, caught my eye, and I wanted to share.

Are You My Mother has always been a favorite.

Best Nest looks adorable, I will surely be looking for it at the book store to add it to Bun's HUGE library. With a mom who has taught preschool for twenty years, and a grandma who has taught much longer than that, this little one is off to a great literacy start!

On your mark, get set, NEST!!

Blessings, Lynette
(ps that is not me singing in the bunny video, someone I found at youtube, but she sings beautifully. I could not resist her bunny antics)

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