Sunday, April 29, 2012

she will be 16 months old when we go get her...soon, baby, soon!

Excited to go to my favorite local consignment shop, Cherry Pick, in Eatontown this week to pick some up some "just in case she is small" outfits in sizes 12 month +.

We need just a few smaller outfits to bring to China in case she is on the small side.

I have mostly 18 month clothes and she will be 16 months when we go.

Most, not all, orphans are slightly smaller than their American counterparts for there size-to-age group whether in orphanage or foster care, though the ones in foster homes tend to get more attention and nutrition. she is in a foster home.

They catch up once we start feeding them! ;)

Funny thing, I have had several people ask me in the past few weeks if she is wearing 3T or 4T clothing right now (what?) 
Not sure where they got that from...I guess just their busy lives ... 

But she is only 14 month old right now, as I type this, a mere little pudgy toddler baby.

We are putting her crib together in the coming week or two. (convertible type so we can easily convert in the coming months as needed)

She will only be 16 months old when we go get her. little.

I. can. not. wait.

Here again is one of the most recent pics of her, not sure if this is on the blog yet, but it was taken at her one year old birthday party, just 2 months ago. I like that we can see the man's hand in this image so we can get an idea of her size. 

Isn't she amazingly beautiful? we just adore her. 

(want to kiss those pudgy baby cheeks)


Blessings, Lynette

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