Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Donate to our yard sale, or have your own for Phoebe :)

To our local friends:
The Adoption Yard Sale is in planning phase.

It will be May or June (?).  I will update here and facebook with details.  :)

Please help us by saving items to donate the night before or morning of the yard sale. (because our home is not large, we cannot save them all here in advance...our drive way is not over-sized either, so this should be interesting.)

If you would like to donate to our adoption, you can do so by dropping off your in-GOOD-shape sale-able items that you would be getting rid of anyway.

When the sale is over the items will be passed along to freecycle or a charity.

To anyone, friends and family near and far:
You can help too by hosting your own yard sale, or other event, in Phoebe's honor, then gifting the money made to her fundraiser. This is a way that many families and friends help support adopting families, and we would certainly welcome this with much gratitude!

Will you commit to doing a fundraising to support one beloved orphan, our Phoebe, and to bring awareness to the plight of the 147 million orphans world wide? 

check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Xigq_bBaQ

We in fact have paid for the huge majority of adoption related fees with our own hard work, with sweat and tears. I took many extra hours (until now) at work, and kev has been working over time.  So please know that we are not looking for mere hand outs!

We still work and spend as needed to live our daily lives, we still give to charity ourselves when we can and according to prayer, both now and in the future we will live our lives, we will go away for to do something special, we will move if it is in our future, etc, and these all cost money out of our own pockets.... But the reason why adoptive families do fundraising (and MANY of us do) is because adoption fees are extraordinary.

 {ex·traor·di·nar·y  (k-strôrdn-r, kstr-ôr-)
1. Beyond what is ordinary or usual: extraordinary authority.
2. Highly exceptional; remarkable: an extraordinary achievement.
3. Employed or used for a special service, function, or occasion: a minister extraordinary; an extraordinary professor.}

The fact remains that adoption is not covered by insurance like birth-labor is, the list goes on, and so if you choose to support our fundraising, then we thank you so much.

We only ask that the Lord bless us with fundraising as HE sees fit, so lead with your heart through prayer dear friends. 

Blessings, Lynette

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