Friday, January 21, 2011

Adoption Tax Credit & Adoptive Families Magazine

Still learning about the tax credit, myself.

But here is a great article on the Adoption tax Credit, put out there by our friends at Adoptive Families Magazine. I love that magazine. I receive it in my home as the printed magazine, and I belong to the Adoptive Families Circle online which sends me emailed newsletters. If you are considering adopting you should get it too!

Here is the article link.

Here is an important excerpt:
"The current adoption tax relief is set to expire in December 2011. Unless there is further legislation, in 2012 the credit will revert to its pre-2001 state.
The good news is that a number of bills before Congress contain provisions that would render the adoption tax credit virtually permanent. Your next step: Once your child is tucked in for the night, head to and find out whether your Congressperson is co-sponsoring any of these bills (search “adoption tax”). If not, consider writing to him or her describing your adoption experience and the significance of the adoption tax credit..."

Blessings, Lynette

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