Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Bundle

Don't good things always come in small packages? Little bundles of love!

My mom sends care packages from Portland, Oregon (and I send them back to her from the Jersey shore). We put all kinds of delightful finds in there: magazines, home baked cookies, hand made English crackers, etc... These are fine bundles which delight the senses.

I got to thinking how excited I will be when K and I e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y receive our very special bundle here at Chez Fitz. Our little bundle baby. (insert squealing with delight sound here)

It is a long way off, as we are still in the agency-research mode, and we are not yet "home steady ready" which is adoption speak for cleared for take off.

Plus, K and I are deep in prayer asking for the Lord's leading.

K is perfectly fine waiting...I am SO NOT.

It's the hurry up and wait game! Some people really know how to keep busy while they wait. (or is that "get busy"?)

Until we get there, I have decided to affectionately call the little one "Bundle" or for short "Bun".

I am sure that this will morph into so many additional names, such as Bunny, because we are just like that here in this house. We have a laundry list of pet names for each other, and the critters that reside with us.


It brings to mind brown paper packages tied up with string. And those are, well, you know what those are!!

Blessings, Lynette

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  1. We both know waiting is hard . . . Lord knows how long we waited for husbands hah But once the wait is over you can reflect back and see all the fruit the Lord has grown in your life during that waiting time and you wouldn't change a thing . . . one day when your teenager is giving you a fit . . . you'll remember the wait with a big smile . . .


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