Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Adopt? What is the plan?

This adoption is about many things, these are just a few core reasons why we are adopting:

  • Filling our hearts with the joy of raising a child
  • Hearing that pitter patter of little feet in our home
  • Sharing our life and family with another, helping him or her to grow
  • Following our Lord's leading as He tells us in James 1:27 "...look after orphans and widows in their distress..."
  • Doing our part to answer a call to action put forth by the Lord, and stirring in our hearts.  

The "how" part is still an exciting mystery.
Plagued with fears, as my patience is tested LOL, but still very exciting.
Bineg that we have just started, and are yet to begin the agency process (still researching) it will be a long road ahead. 
  • We are considering both Ethiopian and Domestic (USA) private adoption currently. 
  • We are planning to adopt an infant or young toddler.
  • We are open to both genders, and various ethnicities.

Both plans have pros and cons, but the child at the end of the journey is the ultimate treasure.
Both private plans are extremely expensive, give or take they can cost $30,000.00 (yes, you read that correctly)
I am praying for the Lord leading as to a sibling group (note the "I" as Kev is very concerned about the words "sibling", and "family-budget" working well together-- hee hee)
I digress...
Each country has guidelines set forth, and Kevin and I fit into a narrow window. Since we prayed fervently for the Lord to close doors, and open others, I believe this process has shown His hand in all of this.
We've been to a meeting with DYFS, to consider foster-to-adopt. Foster care exists to return a child to his or her biological parents, therefore adoption is not their focus for hopeful adoptive parents. Reunification is their main focus for the child. So, we feel (at this time at least) that foster-to-adopt is a huge emotional risk for us. (I would never say never though, and I have dear, sweet friends who have fostered and adopted, who have shared and supported me thus far with support and information.) 

Blessings, Lynette

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