Monday, January 24, 2011

Labeling feeds nesting obsession

Thank you to Tricia and Ruth on facebook, and everyone who told me about their labelers.  (spell check does not accept labelers, is that not a word? well, now it is!)

We ended up with the p-touch pt2030 by brother which makes up to the 18mm sized labels. I like that it looks like a little typewriter.

Both the dymos and brothers sounded really nice, and when we got to the store, this hot little number was on sale, so IT WON!

When you are saving up for a 30,000 dollar adoption, you tend to really consider things like sales...big time.

Now, this awesome little labeler exists to feed my nesting frenzy.

I am labeling all the totes in the basement and attic, and it is so easy, and so cool. :)

I love that I can make different borders, and font sizes.

This one uses the laminated tape, so the print does not rub off.

Keep bringing on the baby nesting...I have label maker in hand, and I am so totally ready.

Blessings, Lynette

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