Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chubby adoptive hopefuls everywhere, UNITE!!

In 2011, I vow to get better fit so that when we adopt I will have the energy to run around after the little Bundle.

Plus, BMI is often a piece of information one must include in their Dossier, I think? And I dont even want to discuss where mine falls. (ouch)

How demented is it to say that with pregnancy woman watch their bellies grow, but with my adoption journey I hope to watch my belly shrink. LOL (is that a totally strange statement, or have other chubby adoptive hopefuls had the same thought?)

Before Kev and I got married, I did not know that hormones were reeking havoc with my body, but I did manage to slim down to a nice, cute chubby shape. Not skinny minny, but more a smaller-chubby-me. I worked SO VERY HARD for a year to just lose "some" weight, 2 to 3 sizes but I looked good and felt good and was a street size 14.

I ate something sweet only once a week, drank tons of water, hiked, bicycled 6 to 8 miles about 4 to 6 times a week, did several types of floor crunches, and added walk-aerobic videos.

For how hard I worked I should have been teeny-tiny and >ripped<...Honestly!

But I instead, my weight was "ok", and I felt very pretty. (see blushing bride, below)

After the wedding, I packed on some pounds, and am now prewedding weight plus a few.

I work out less (though I am still active and I do love hiking) Plus I am an emotional eater, so you can just imagine how that is working for me this past year.

How much of this is menopause? hormones? the fact that I am simply older (40 in March-gasp) I don't know?

Anyone else out there experiencing premature menopause or other hormone issues and and having serious trouble with weight loss, reach out. We can all use the support.

Doctors seem to think I simply need to try harder. Hmmmmmmm.....

I tried Pilates earlier last year, and I really liked it, but I had super duper serious hot flashes every time.

Still, it was exciting to go from someone who could not roll up off the mat, to being able to successfully do so weeks later.

The plus side, Pilates made me feel very strong and very relaxed.
The down side, I did not lose any weight and the hot flashes were awful.

Add to all of this my vegetarian status, and the fact that I do love carbs and sugar, and..well... it paints a bad picture.

What is a "hormonal-menopausal, infertile, vegetarian, sugar loving, emotional-eating, hot-flashing" gal to do?

Somehow, I vow to lose weight this year.

Winter wild weather here in the Northeast? That's ok, I have my friend Leslie Sansone to motivate me while walking in front of the tube. Let the snowflakes fall, and the ice freeze, I will be walking away my worries!

Spring will be here soon and I will get out there to bike and hike again with my handsome honey.

Chubby adoptive hopefuls everywhere, UNITE!!

Blessings, Lynette


  1. You go girl! I'm 51 and pretty sure I'm in menopuase. I can do the same things I use to do and the weight does not come off. I took a challange in Oct. For the entire month I dieted and did not miss one day of riding my exercise bike 20 minutes a day which was 6 miles. Not one day, I rode all 31 days. Guess what I lost 2 pounds. 2 WHAT ? I use to sneeze and lose 2 pounds. I was so discouraged that I gave up the fight for some time. But Thursday night I go back and join Weight Watchers. I am going to try a more planned and scheduled approach. So hang in there you are not in this fight alone.

  2. Maryellen, that is so funny becuase I just canceled my W.W. membership because it wasn't a good program for me (pus that money can go into the adoption fund now, a great thing!!). I was not good at keeping track of points, and when I did keep track it took me many months to lose 5 pounds on w.w. But, I do know a few ladies who did really, really well on that program, so I belive it does work for some.

  3. Pilates has been amazing for me and my health issues. Something else I tried recently, was meeting with a Dietitian. I LOVE her simple and visual approach. She gave me rubber food samples to hold in the palm of my hand to help me understand what a correct portion is and she had me keep a food diary for one week and was able to tell me where I was missing important items. She also helped me understand how important it is to eat every four hours. The best part of it is that she doesn't consider anything bad for you, instead its about getting the right balance of foods. If you overeat in one area, you need to make up for it in another. And honestly, I find myself feeling really full at the end of the day while having lost 10 pounds in 3 months! My health insurance covers 6 visits with a dietitian...maybe your insurance does too?

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  5. sigh, unfortunately I already subscribe to the plan of "eating smaller meals, more often" but it does not seem to help. I am just not a big meal eater, and tend to graze. Mostly, I eat very healthfully. The problem is that I do eat quite a bit of sugary and otherwise carb-based foods during my grazing sessions, and I do believe the hormones are a big part of the issues. (That and more recent laziness, I need to shake it, baby!!) Good for you losing that 10 pounds, Carryn! There is now "less of" my beautiful sister in law. :) ...I will have to consult the insurance with Kev, thanks.

  6. Just couldn't bring myself to join WW and either wake up at 7 every Sat for class or after work on thursday go to class at 7 pm. So after much thought and prayer I decided to join WW on line. Today was my first day and I really like it. I like working the program this way. We'll see how I do this week. Weigh in is Friday am.


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