Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why fundraisers?

Adoptions can be very expensive.

5 daunting words to begin a blog post...LOL...but it is true.

I hope I do not regret the way I handle myself in this blog post. It is just that I have read some very negative things online recently, and being that the adoption world is so near and dear to my heart I felt a need to clarify adoption fundraising and donations.

These negative nellie's appear to want the adopting family to "suffer" in some way...or terminate their dream to both build their family, and provide a loving, nurturing home for an orphan simply because the astronomical cost for the process is not readily available.

One thing I read said "if you can't afford, it then just don't do it". Needless to say, the author is not on my happy list. (nor do I think they are on the got-a-brain-or-a-heart list.)

In fact there are many families that have much more income and assets than mine, and I still support them doing fundraising because I know the cost of the process.

Oh, and let me clarify here that you are not paying to "buy a child", gasp, do not say this to someone who has or is adopting. Instead it is the process which costs money, not the child. The costs cover fees to help the orphanage run, for your paper work, travel, and so much more...

Along the way I hope to organize the blog ins such a way that I can share the costs and process with you. This will help it to make more sense to you.

For example, our first fee will be the application, at a cost of $300. Just the tip of the proverbial iceberg my friends.

One must understand that a couple (or family) must still live their lives while somehow coming up with the money for the adoption, and in at least my mind, this is where the fundraising and donations come in. 
So, here you are living your regular life, and needing to somehow come up with 30,000 dollars. No small feat.

You regular life does not just stop, nor should you have to cut out every little "luxury". 
Within means: a vacation now and then, purchasing a home for a move in order to support your growing family, a new outfit, a special date...etc...these things do not stop when a family plans an adoption.

However, there are many positive ways that one can try to finance an adoption while still living their regular lives and not going into extreme debt.

Here are just a few ideas:

There are grants. Not everyone is awarded them, but they are worth a try. God bless those who have made them available. Thank you!
The adoption tax credit.
Donations buttons on one's blog.
Country specific themed fundraisers. (Such as coffee companies selling Ethiopian coffee which has part of the proceeds going to the family, part to the bean farmers, and part to the middle man)
Etsy shops.
Yard sales
 Friends very often plan their own yard sale, and donate the proceeds to the adopting family.
 Raffles, on blogs and in person at events, with donated items or services given by local businesses.
 "Home" party fundraisers such as Arbonne, Tupperware, or Party Light.
Community support.
Food events, such as pancake or other fundraisers.
and the list goes on and on....

Above, these are things I have seen through blog searches, or found on adoption resource sites.

Soon I will share exciting news of how K and I have already begun to save-up over the last year and a half, and the upcoming ideas that we are cooking up for our future fundraising. (hint hint)

Blessings, Lynette

(ps, negative nellie comments will not even be entertained on this blog. It is a happy place for a growing family!)

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  1. Friends of ours at church have adopted 2 little girls from China. It's a beautiful story! They did a lot of fundraisers like selling AVON, our church hosted a chili supper, etc. They are not financially wealthy, but God enabled them to be able to bring their adorable daughters home to America through fundraising, friends & family, blog writing and much prayer and saving on their part. It's truly a miracle! :) I also love adoption and look forward to following your journey! God Bless You!!


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