Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day, and waiting on agencies...

It is another snow day here in New Jersey, and the preschool is closed. Actually, this morning it is the icing conditions that kept us home.
Our Pajama Party Groundhog day celebration is rescheduled.
We read this book the other day, and it was very cute for my almost 5 year olds.

So, this preschool teacher has the day off.
What to do with my time?

1 cyber obsess over adoption
2 wait for agencies to call back
3 cyber obsess over adoption
4 clean the house
5 cyber obsess over adoption
6 organize laundry room and basement
7 cyber obsess over adoption
8 photo work for friends and clients
9 wait for agencies to call back
............... rinse and repeat.

I did have a great conversation with a lady from an agency the other day, she was wonderful, but I am waiting on her director to call me, and I am figuring the bad weather has made it hard for them to get back to me.

I am playing email tag with another agency who vows to call me soon. (guess what, she just called me as I typed this blog post. yippee)

And I personally need to call another representative back myself who has my questions in email format, but requested a call, so that one is on me.

Soon, we will have this solidified, can then make our application, and get the party started!


I'm  thinking early spring...hope hope hope and pray pray pray!

In my heart of hearts I can tell you this. I do have two wonderful agencies in mind that I feel very strongly about, and one specific plan if we were to use either of these two agencies. I do feel led by the Lord clearly. But I will hold off on that big announcement until Kev and I are in perfect, prayerful agreement, and pursing application.

My husband is still praying to feel specifically led, and he should, as he is an integral part of this, he is going to be daddy after all, and that is a huge step.

Blessings, Lynette


  1. Lynette,
    May your husband find the peace in his heart so that you may open your home to a deserving child. I know we do not know one another, but I will lift your names up in my prayers today.
    God Bless

  2. I remember this step ... so exciting ... let the paper cuts begin! :0)

  3. Thank you both. This one was a good day :)(thankfully, because I had an emotionally tough one a few back and I needed a good day). I feel a peace in my heart today...and the "snow-day" off of school gave me some rest as well. Your sweet support is wonderful. xo. Hope you had a blessed day, and thank you for the prayer...LOVE & WELCOME IT, SISTERS!

  4. I think of your couple as I stare at a photograph that was mailed to me from a woman I met through blog land..This picture has three in it...hubby, wife...and their adopted son. She had been on a roller coaster ride for some time and it is such a blessing to see this precious family. Their adopted child believe it or not looks so much like this woman. You think it was her own biological child, that is how much of a resemblance they have...Blessings and praying..and praising God for the wisdom and discernment He will give. We have an awesome Father!!


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