Saturday, April 16, 2011

Successful, heart warming Art Happening fundraiser!

The Art Happening was hugely successful with so many sweet, darling moms and dads caring and sharing. To use the words of a friend, they were "loving on me" so beautifully. It was nice to be able to introduce my husband to people too, and he jammed with Ken Carroll on Ken's guitar.  Ken provided really cool music, that we adults we able to hang to!! Thanks to Mrs. Coll, Ms Dee, Mrs Laus who were there helping SO MUCH last night; and to Jake who was put to work also. It was nice to see Joan and Pastor Reeb. The baked goods provided by parents were incredible.  Facebook friends: Sara really out-did herself with so many amazing goodies, and so beautifully decorated. Mrs. Coll's pretzels were also big sellers, so pretty, and Jeanne's cakes, wrapped in curly ribbon, were selling as people talked about how good they looked, Sharon's cake sold even before the event started (wow), kids loved the brownies, thank you Dana for making them. Barbara's mini-pound cakes were pretty with poofs a-top, and lots of people liked them, too. Anyone else, if you made something I did not know about it specifically but I guarantee it was enjoyed. SO MUCH sold, and people were very generous when buying. There was selection left over which will be sold at the church on the weekend, and the proceeds passed along to us, but really most of it sold last night.
Mrs. Laus and Danielle Hunt are not linked to my facebook, which this blog will post-to, but I have to say that they both made incredible cakes!!!! Janet's had mascarpone frosting, and went home with Ms Dee who will surely enjoy it. Danielle's was drizzled with chocolate, and had fresh fruit piled in the center of the bundt, it received LOTS of ooh's and ahhh's from on lookers, it was a piece of art.
My own bunny sugar cookies hop-hop-hopped away just about as fast as they were placed on the table.
My allergy safe cupcakes were a big hit, too. Chocolate cake with an orange glaze. They were husband tested and approved.
Thank you to staff and parents who made donations, and sent cards. I have not received them yet. Ms Dee told me about them and I will receive them next week. I cannot tell you how much my heart is overwhelmed and warmed by this outpouring of love. A whole class who was attending a child's birthday party could not be there last night, and so the parents got together and made a card with donations. Ms Dee told me about this card which I will receive next week, also.
Special thanks also to The Satellite Cafe in West Philly who donated a huge 5 pound bag of Organic French Roast Fair Trade coffee. It was brewed and enjoyed; also many people bought the individual bags of beans which I prepared.
The Urban family, who have three delightful little girls, deserve a very special thanks. xo!! 
"Robbie's family" provided a very special gift by taking their 50/50 winnings and turning around to donate it back into the adoption fund. Amazing.
Author George Smith was there showcasing and selling his books. He gave the adoption fund 50% of his sales last night. I picked up one of his books to remember the evening. What a truly nice man!
Jesus was alive and well last night at the Art Happening. Amen!
Every bit will help us, and the children at the orphanage, as we journey to bring our little one home.

Blessings, Lynette

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