Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heads up: Receipts are needed for your adoption tax credit

So happy I started researching the adoption tax credit.

After looking at forums and blogs, I have found that many others, just like me, did not know we had to save receipts for the tax credit, simply thought we had to show proof of the adoption.

I already have some receipts to stop and document, and away we go!!

Immensely thankful for those blogging out there, and posting on forums. Very helpful.

Hope my blog will help others in the same way also.

So, save those receipts you little mommys-and-daddys-to-be.

(As if the dossier was not enough on it's own. LOL).

Do you save food receipts too? I will have to look that up also. If you have any info. on the tax credit or the types of receipts to be saved...advice...feel free to comment here.

I thank you in advance!!

And if you are new here, my husband and I are adopting internationally, we are with Holt. Our initial paper work has been submitted and we are waiting on our Home Study.


Blessings, Lynette


  1. The only things they accept are program fees (application, foreign fees, etc - the cost of the adoption itself) from your agency; home study fees + post placement fees; USCIS fees; travel fees (lodging and flight, unsure on meals). But for most ppl - the actual foreign fees from your agency alone should cover the tax deduction.

    Good luck!

  2. Amy, thanks for this very helpful information. Obviously, you know your stuff. ;)

    I appreciate it!


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