Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost there. Summoning up the last grains of energy for the day.


I am so so so tired yet I have some photos to do for the adoption dossier (kev and I around our home), and MUST do them tonight.

Mr Tam reports that our papers are on their way back via UPS, and the photos will get added to this batch of papers then we send them to Holt Int'l in Oregon.

I can just imagine, with how tired I am and this headache that is brewing, that these pictures will be very interesting. LOL Any one have makeover in a bottle? How about miracle eye-bag cream? 

Blessings, Lynette

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  1. We are right behind you in our paperwork and just wanted to say we're cheering you on!! The last of our paperwork is on its way back from being state certified and will head off for authentication on Friday (and get stuck for a couple days because of the CNY closure) but we're soooo close! Doesn't it feel great? I'll be celebrating with you in spirit :) We're a Holt family too.
    Blessings from South Dakota!


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