Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Can you tell that I am excited?

DTC means "Dossier to China".

All of our paperwork we have been agonizing over for 10 months  will finally got to China.

It should have been less than 10 months, but we were held up by annoying red tape along the way.

However, our 797 came back VERY fast, as did our NJ certifications and NY China consulate authentications.

So, I just got the email that Amy at Holt reviewed the dossier and said that it is GREAT!

(after all of my obsessing over minute details, it surely better be...LOL...)

Holt sends dossier's to China on Fridays, so we are on our way this week.

I have been waiting sooooo long to say that we are DTC.

Kevin and I are embracing and grinning ear to ear.

The last times I felt like this were little-Yang's referral and updates.

So, now we wait for LID (log in date), LOA (letter of acceptance), etc (hague related paper work, ...) and finally our TA (Travel Approval!!!!)

Cant wait to update you all on these milestones as we reach them.

We reached a doozy today though. Thank you Jesus for our DTC!

Amen? AMEN!!

As pastor Bob says, "God is good all the time...all the time, God is GOOD!"

Tonight I will leave you with a map of the area of China where our Phoebe is:
she is in Hunan province. Her orphanage is based in hengyang. We will pick her up (I think) in Changsha, which is the capital of Hunan.

(note: you can also see Gaungzhou on this map, we will travel there after picking up our girl in Hunan, then we do the whole American consulate/medical check/visa dance, before heading to the USA)

Blessings, Lynette

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