Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrating China Consulate!! And a perfect little card.

This weekend has been interesting. I have been quite sick, but at the same time had a big thing happen as we shipped our docs to the China Consulate n NY.

Actually, we shipped them to Mr. Tam. :) He will be processing them over to the consulate for us; he is a courier.

It was crazy trying to photocopy everything while it has staples in it (they are null and void if you remove the staples...which would set us way back in time and money), yet one must fold it over and copy in such a way to keep it looking nice and crisp. 

Each document had at the least 2 pages, and at the most 12 pages. Then the way you are charged per document gets confusing...etc... another hurdle in this process which is sent off on a wing and a prayer,

This is a HUGE step, it is the very last step before we send everything to Holt for their review, then they send it off to China and we will be "DTC".

So, even though I am sick (cough, head ache, tired, you get the drill....) I had to still have a mini celebration!!

Therefore, I made chocolate chip cookies (they are medicinal, are they not? Take two homemade chocolate pecan melt in your mouth cookies and call me in the morning? no?.....)

And, OH, look at this most precious card that came in the mail. Be still my little mama-heart.

Thank you, Kelli, for sending this adorable card. And what a perfect time to receive it, as we celebrate our consulate authentications.

{I don't think that these images do the card justice, taken with my cell phone, but it really is sweet and I really do love it: the sentiment, the pictures, the silhouettes in the house including the kitty, and finding it in the mailbox, all just scrumptious! Can I move in?}

Blessings, Lynette

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