Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January update

Dossier docs requiring authentication are at the China Consulate in NYC. Mr Tam says they should be done next week.

Last night we received an UPDATE of our precious baby. She is getting so big now. She is BEAUTIFUL! She is just slightly older than 10 months right now.

They said she can sit for a short period of time and then topples over, and she has 4 teeth.

She likes to smile when people smile at her. aw.

She looks so healthy.

We also got to see the couple that is fostering her. I was overcome with emotion and prayed for them a prayer of deep gratitude.

I can see that they really care about her. The report says that they love her.

It will be hard to know that Phoebe will be missing them and vice versa.

Blessings, Lynette

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  1. Hi Lynette,

    Congratulations on the Update. They are great, aren't they!! Cute little feet... what is she standing on??



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