Sunday, January 22, 2012

DOSSIER IS DONE! Gung Hay Fa Choy!!!!!!!!!


The blood, sweat, and tears (all, really!) were all worth it to get to this point which was only a dream months ago.

Take a look at the pile of paper work which makes up our Dossier:

{Mr Bear has a bit of 'tude after all that hard work!}

Yessiree, the table has all the leaves in it...that is one looong pile of papers!

My oh my, baby girl you are SO worth it! {now when does mommy get her epidural? I think I am ready for it!}

Come on LID, LOA and TA!!!! I know you are still months away, but WE ARE READY!!

Mommy and daddy are off to celebrate Lunar New Year's Eve now

I wonder if our little Yang will be having dumplings tonight....

Are there fire crackers going on outside sweetie? Did grandma and grandpa in your foster home decorate your door with red paper?

Wo Ai Ni, we love you.


  1. Have a wonderful celebration. I know that your blessing before dinner will be overflowing!Prayers of thanksgiving for helping you put one foot in front of the other time after time after time,and prayers of continued care for Tu Hua and her foster grandparents as you find a little more strength to wait a little bit longer.You already have and you will little more.Praise God.

  2. Yesterday at church 2 of the little girls who were adopted from China wore their little Chinese dresses (qipaos) in honor of Chinese New Year. Your little one is probably surrounded by a big celebration in China! So happy for you all as you get one step closer to bringing her home. My friend at church has 2 blogs. I think you will love reading them. She doesn't post anymore, but you can find her adoption journey to both of the little girls I was just telling you about. From there you can find her other blog too if you're interested.


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