Saturday, May 26, 2012

Buy a T shirt and help bring Phoebe home

Hey, we all need clothes, right, and these are pretty cool.

Can you help bring our Phoebe home? She is a "Special Focus" child in China.
We adore her and can't wait to bring her home!!

Important: You must use our code in checkout in order for us to get the credit.


Here is the link:

  There are a few places to purchase Tees on their site, these must be ordered from the "Adoption Fundraiser" T shirts area. . ;)

The instructions say the following (not a discount- just a place to give them our code):  During the checkout process, there will be a coupon code option under the shopping cart. They will click on that box and it will open the coupon code field up in the left hand corner. That is where the code is applied.

Here are some images to give you an idea of just how AWESOME they are~! I just love the designs, and that they glorify God.
This is the one I mentioned wanting for Christmas. *Short run (and have T-style, too)
this is a personal fave
so cute!
cute for an active little guy. It says "whatever"!

such a pretty color for a little girl...and lovely sentiment.

Here is the diddlio:

There are a few size options, so they have body huggable Tees, and looser comfy fitting. There is a short run sale of a long sleeves items that I am eying up for Christmas (yup, I will buy it and save it to stat wearing in November!) .

Be sure to click on each one to read what is on the back. That's right they are COLORFUL and have front and back designs!!

They sell for around 30 dollars each.

For the following quantities of tees sold, Phoebe's fundraiser will receive:
·       1 - 49tees - $7.50/tee 
·       50 or more - $10.00/tee
So, I am really hoping that we break 50! 
Can you help us? spread the word, share this link, get a Tee for everyone in your family, or get yourself a few so you look COOL during this HOT summer! :)
Thanks for your support. You are Tee--riffic!
(ps- let me know you bought one so I can thank you. Share a picture of you wearing your Tshirt, I would love to see you.) 

(ps- These Tees really are beautiful, but if this is not your thing and you would rather make a direct gift through paypal, then contact me, please at

Blessings, Lynette

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