Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre-Travel Prayer Requests

Phoebe's previous foster-grandma became ill, so we are praying for grandma. We are forever grateful to this woman and her husband.

Praying for Phoebe and her new foster family, as she recently had to be moved to a new foster home.

Thankful that she seems to be acclimating, but now she is fearful of strangers, and she was not before, so it clearly had an effect on her...and she will go through another change when we come get her soon. This makes me sad.

She has had some trouble digesting recently, on meds.

Praise the Lord however that we received pictures of a very healthy, happy looking toddler! :) who is sitting up on her own now, and just tarting to try to take assisted steps, (photos @ 14 months old, she is now almost 15 months old, and will be about 16 mo. when she comes home).

There was a sweet looking man in the pictures, but for his privacy I have cropped him out of the pictures. 

Not sure if I am seeing fear of standing alone, or attitude about the person holding her? Hmmmmm. Fearful, or head strong? IN all other images with people near her or holding her she has been very happy, so I am thinking, fear.:( poor baby.

I am told the dot on her head is a blessing, of someone pouring all of their love into her, someone special loves her very much. I am SO thankful that someone cares that much.

I'm convinced she is pointing to her mama on this side of the screen. ;)

Her USA Adoption Specialist doctor based in Pittsburgh receives her updates from me, via email, and she says that she is right on track with her milestones and her size, head circumference, facial features, etc. All great news.

We will travel at the end of June or the beginning of July. Just waiting on our TA (Travel Approval) to finalize plans now. We should have TA if all goes well by about Wed, June 6. After that we can set up travel, which will hinge on when CA (Consulate Appointments) are available.

The later into summer we travel, the more the airfare and possibly rooms will cost. 

Praying for our dog sitter situation to work out well. We have a an awesome neighbor who can help out (our own personal dog-whisperer), and a wonderful newly married couple as well. We are working on setting up visits with the dog now to see how it all goes, and we need to map out the calendar for the dog and house care.

Whether we travel in June or July, the coming weeks will be a flurry of packing, excitement, last-minute orders of supplies, and a wonderful GLOW has come over me.

Please pray for weight loss as I am trying hard. I really want to be thinner for China for several reasons, the greatest being the fact that we will be on a plane for 14 hours, and in serious China summer HEAT.

Pleas pray in general for the house to be all set, and packing to go smoothly, and for Kevin and I to be on track with each other, and supportive of one another, as we plan, prepare, and meet each step. We both wish to be in God's perfect timing and plan. (he and I are not always in track with each other, but we both want to be in track with God)

My mom is traveling here prior to our leaving for China (she is coming with us), so please pray for her to organize as she needs to on her end, and to have safe travels, and for my nephew to be ok with her leaving for this extended period, the two of them are very close and he just tuned 7 years old. 

Blessings, Lynette

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