Wednesday, May 2, 2012

While waiting for Article 5 and TA: Home and Body Renovations!

While we wait for this current stage in the game we are getting things done in the house.

I will take some photos along the way to share.

I call the house work during the wait "Operation China"

And my hopeful weight loss "China Boot Camp"

Let's all hope there are some marked results on BOTH fronts!

Blessings, Lynette


  1. i like the new look on the blog, Lynette. Re the fitness, Larissa and I have been half-jokingly talking about a fitness plan called "30 days of chaos". Wanna be the guinea pig? :)

    1. That is already my life motto, LOL, "30 days of chaos". It begins with the start of each month. I ordered the Jillian CD that Larissa suggested, sure hope this all works.

  2. the jillian DVD is good. It's a really good workout in only a half hour. It might seem impossible at first, but you'll get better very quickly so don't worry.

    You might consider CrossFit too. I think there's one near you... look at the video that's on this page... .

    Though it looks "hard core" with the barbells and so on there are usually quite a variety of body types and supportive atmosphere at Crossfit places. The really good thing about Crossfit is you are always getting instruction (it's not just a gym you "go to"--it's a class) and also the workouts are constantly changing.

    1. Thanks for the support, Martin. positive motivation goes a long way for me, so it is helpful! That place looks very scary...LOL... BUT I look forward to the video! Around here where I live that type of gym will probably be full of hard-bodies. However, I will do the video, I will walk my neighborhood, I have a small set of free weights and an exercise ball here at home, and some other videos. As I was telling Larissa, something at the gym I was attending actually caused some painful issues with my knee, when I would kneel down I had terrible popping pain in my side of my knee. I left the gym and in a few weeks the pain was gone. But I will really miss the elliptical!! LOVE the elliptical with the moving handles, that is one thing I wish I had at home. (ps, I lost 1/2 an inch on one side of my body while attending the gym a couple times a week, one hour each time, elliptical and several weights machines, for over 2 months. while I tightened up a but, I feel that zero weight loss was ridiculous. I know you gain muscle but still the scale should have reflected a marked weight loss, and the fact that it did not was very hard to take! Same ting happened with Pilates, and weight watchers. I felt healthier but NO weight loss)I am very motivated to work out, and I enjoy working out, but when I lose no weight time and time again it wears on me mentally. I even try hard through the pain, as the doctor said I have the beginning of arthritis. My knees crackle a lot as does my neck and wrists. Oh, I sound lovely, don't I? (insert sarcasm)

    2. Kevin does Wing Chun. He takes private classes with someone. I thought you would find that interesting. :)

    3. I feel for your struggle there. It is kind of maddening the way that all this effort doesn't turn into numerical results. For me what has happened is that the first week or two I do a new activity, I will lose a lot of weight, then as my body gets used to the activity, the weight will climb back.

      Fortunately I've discovered a solution to all this scale madness. Ready to have your mind rocked? Throw the effing scale away. Never weigh yourself again! Hitting some arbitrary number on the scale is a totally meaningless goal. Instead, yes, do exercise, eat right, and when you start feeling better (healthier, sexier, stronger, taller, lighter, whatever better means for you), that feeling is your indication of progress and success, not some number. The goal, simply stated, is feeling better! That's it. That's all.

      It sounds like maybe you already have experienced this, for example with Pilates, but let the numbers stop you. Eff the numbers. Throw the scale away. Let your feelings guide you, and when something does make you feel better, keep doing it!

      I'm not talking about indulgence here. I'm just talking about an honest assessment of how diet and exercise make one feel. Does this 1 piece of cheesecake make me feel good? yes. So far so good. Do these 10 pieces of cheesecake make me feel good? Not really. Does this workout make me feel stronger? Yes. Does watching TV for 12 hours make me feel more "relaxed"? not really. Etc.

      Now I bet that over a long time, following the signals of feeling better would end up being correlated with some weight loss. But once you are feeling better there is no need to weigh yourself. Because feeling better is the point.

      I admit I stole some of these ideas from a book by Susan Albers about "mindful eating". I think they're pretty powerful. They are the only thing I think I can try to live with for a long time. I can't be on a "diet" for my entire life. On Weight Watchers the end of the day used to be so comical, because I would be up at 11:59pm waiting for the day to end so I could have some more to eat. Eff that. It clearly wasn't working as a lifestyle even if I was losing weight. But I can notice what makes me feel different and keep doing that stuff.

      Sorry for going on like this. Best wishes!

    4. Martin, this banter on the bog has certainly been fun.:) Yes, I agree that the scale should not be a factor, but you are right that in the end I do fall victim to reading the scale and then losing my forward motion.
      {Wow, 10 pieces of cheesecake???? LOL}.
      Thanks, Martin. This has been a great motivation. I am going to get up and go MOVE my body now. I already feel lighter!


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