Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you King of Kings Church and School

Our school director, Ms. Dee, announced to the staff at King of Kings School that the Church and the School Board will be supporting mine and Kevin's adoption with proceeds from the Art Happening: Art sale & Bake Sale being directed to our Adoption Fund. Thank you SO much, King of Kings!!

If you are new to this blog, I will simply get you caught up: The overall cost for the process of the adoption is about 30,000 dollars (give or take). Here is an average listing of program fees *minus* incidentals and travel fees: 

King of Kings School's gifted donation will help so much. The proceeds from the event will be added to our family's Orphanage Donation Fund, which is a required portion of the overall fees which we must pay to our agency.

The donation made to the orphanage (or "care center") helps to cover housing, clothing, food, medical and other fees related to the care of the children.

Ms. Dee also noted that some parents had approached her to see if the school could support us as well. This warms my heart. Though I do not know which mom these were, I am so very thankful and touched beyond words.

There is something so special and sweet about children in a preschool in New Jersey giving of their school's art show to help children in need who live about 7,000 miles away, on the other side of this world. Beautiful.

Helping a teacher who adores them so much to grow her family through adoption helps to make this more real to them also. One of the children in class made me a picture that she colored of a Unicorn, she said that she made it "to help you to be a good mommy, Mrs. Fitzpatrick."

I treasure that unicorn and it is going into the scrapbook that is part of our little one's journey home. I can't wait to add memories from the Art Show and Bake Sale to my child's life story as well.

Please, take a moment to view this video which is a little glimpse into the lives of the children so many miles away. Please pray for the children in orphanages and foster care in all nations, for their physical and spiritual needs to not only be met but also to be surpassed. There is much pain and sorrow, but God is so good.


Blessings, Lynette

We are adopting through Holt International, and our little one will be coming home from either China's Child of Promise program, or from Ethiopia.

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  1. How wonderful, This little one is going to be so very lucky when "it" gets home!


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