Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sharing the Bonnet Love!!!!

It was a splendid photo shoot at the Remax building in Red Bank!

I will keep thanking Mike Minervini every way and time I can because he is #1 a dear friend, #2 an AWESOME real estate agent, and #3provided the means to us having a most glorious space to do our Bonnet Love photo-shooting.

The little models were quite the cuties, and their moms and dads were a lot of fun, too!!

Here is just a very quick sneak peek at two of the models, and the architectural details at the ReMax space.

More to come of other little models later, and the delightful bonnets which were lovingly hand-knit and hand-sewn by talented artists across the country. Thank you ALL!

This is a project which I am joining with my sister, Larissa brown, in creating. I am happy to have been able to provide lovely photographs. Truly it is a work of "heart". ;)

...promise to keep you in the loop as the Bonnet Love project unfolds!

Blessings, Lynette


  1. Totally beautiful. And cute overload. :-)

  2. Having already seen all of the results,my word for this photo shoot is Magical! The worlds of art come together in a perfectly magical way.One could not have asked for a better backdrop of beautiful wood work and stained glass. As these little people appear in doorways, on stairways,and at windows I could only imagine each of them as joyful creatures walking in and out of the pages of a wonderful children's book. From the concept to the workmanship to the vision and photographic talent it was an absolute treat.The children...simply beautiful.


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