Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Announcing the Bonnet Love E-book and a special GIVEAWAY

Bonnet Love is an e-book for knitters, featuring five baby and child bonnet patterns for girls and boys. Choose one to knit, or design-it-yourself with a template provided to lead you through creating your own unique pattern. Either way, Bonnet Love will spark your creativity and inspire adorable, impressive gifts. The book includes an "anatomy of a bonnet" template, five written patterns for worsted weight yarn, 20 gorgeous color photos, and a bonus tutorial for a sewn cotton bonnet perfect for vintage fabrics or new favorites. It's delivered as a 24-page pdf document.  

My photographs have been showcased here and here in anticipation of the Bonnet Love E-Book which is going on sale at the end of this week! 

It has been my pleasure to be part of this wonderful project, as the photographer. 

The little models were so much fun to work with, and my very talented sister, Larissa Brown, is the author and creator of this knitting tutorial e-book, with a bonus sewing pattern, too.

Check out an interview with Larissa Brown here, and be sure to check back at the Petite Purls website again later in the week to try for a Bonnet Love Giveaway!
Thank you Cascade Yarns  and Petite Purls for contributing to this wonderful giveaway. 

The "Renaissance Moms" interview talks about our coming together as sisters on this project, and I personally have loved this experience! 

Here is a delightful excerpt which brings to my mind and heart many wonderful family memories growing up in the Golden household: 

"Our whole family was into making things all the time. I can’t remember not doing crafts. My mother is a teacher and was always, always encouraging our creativity. I remember lots of collecting of leaves and acorns to make collages, a lot of layering black crayon on a color background to carve out with pins, melting stuff, using solar print paper. There was a lot of Elmer’s glue in our lives. My dad was a photographer, who also went through a brief rug hooking phase. I was very big into the looms with the stretchy loops. We even had a rock tumbler."  (quoted from Larissa Brown, interviewed at Petite Purls)

Blessings, Lynette

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