Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayer request: Ethiopia and Japan.....

I'm sad about the news that Ethiopia may very well be cutting back on adoptions. Please pray for the country, the orphans, and the adoption program; for all families currently waiting, and those who have been anxiously planning to apply to an Ethiopia adoption program.

Kevin and I have been considering both China Child of Promise/ waiting child programs and Ethiopia. The recent news is very upsetting.

To update all of you, we have some medical appointment to do before our official application. These are immediately before us, and once the appointments are completed, if all is well, then we will be applying.

It has already been a very long road and we have not even started the ACTUAL paper chase. sigh...

{completely adoption unrelated, but upon my heart, is the plight of those in Japan. praying fervently.}

Love in Christ,


  1. I had no idea that Ethiopia may be cutting back on their adoptions! My husband and I had talked about possibly adopting from Ethiopia someday. When we were considering international adoption that was the country we mostly were interested in. Very sad! Now we are doing foster care.


    above, just one of many articles you may be interested in reading, Birdie. Of course, things can change, and I hope they do change for the better.


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